Thoth Tarot

Thoth Tarot is based on the Qabalistic Tree of Life

The numbers 1 – 10

As energy descends through the universe, from pure fiery potential into fully manifested mud and material, it passes through these levels of vibration, developing, solidifying, and taking on different qualities.

Each represents a different station or sphere on the Tree of Life.

Four suits describe the elements


Wands: Fire

The energy animating us, making things happen, our vitality, our passion, our pride.


Cups: Water

The ebb and flow between us, the world of absorption, dissolution, friendship and love.


Swords: Air

The world of idea and thought, where plans are made, opinions clash and lessons are learned.


Disks: Earth

The material world, the bodies and houses we inhabit, the money we earn and work we do.

Twenty-two paths run between the spheres

Each path corresponds to a trump card embodying the dynamic between the two spheres.

The Priestess, for example (far left), sits on the path between spheres 1 and 6, translating between indefinable and undifferentiated godhead above, and harmonious beauty, poetry and art manifested below. She translates divine secrets into perfect and beautiful expressions we can understand, which is the work of the priest archetype.

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